Birding and Kayaking

I finally got the nerve up to take my camera out with me on the kayak. A few days ago I bought a water-proof bag large enough to put it and the 500mm lens into, and this morning I packed everything up and headed for the lake. I’ve been exploring the south end of the lake for the past week or so and had seen quite a few Great Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Great Egrets, and even a American White Pelican in hunting in the cattails and weeds there. Earlier this week I found the mouth of the Canadian River and had gone up stream until my kayak was bottoming out in the mud.

So with camera-in-a-bag on board and a cheapie GoPro knock off strapped to my head I launched the kayak and headed south and took some pictures and videos. Didn’t drown, didn’t even get a spot of water on the camera, and even though I missed a few shots because it takes a little longer to get the camera out of the bag than it does to just lift, aim, and shoot, I got a few nice pictures. Enjoy.

Ring-billed GullsRing-billed Gull (1) (1024x684)

Ring-billed Gulls, a Cattle Egret and a juvenile Green HeronRing-billed Gull and Green Heron juvenile (1024x681)

Great Blue Herons and a Mallard (I think)Great Blue Heron (170) (1024x702)

Great Blue Herons, Great Egret, and Cattle EgretsGreat Blue Heron, Cattle Egret (1024x389)

A video of some Forster’s Terns slowed to 1/2 speed so you can see the terns. Sorry that my hat brim keeps getting in the way. I was paddling into a rather stiff wind.

Lark Sparrows at Spring Canyon earlier this week. These guys have been everywhere latelyLark Sparrow (78) (1024x633) Lark Sparrow (83) (1024x720) Lark Sparrow (85) (1024x684) Lark Sparrow (87) (1024x684)

Red-winged Blackbirds at Spring CanyonRed-winged Blackbird (86) (1024x684)

An Osprey at Spring CanyonIMG_6454 (1024x727) Osprey (69) (1024x686) Osprey (72) (1024x624)

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