Savannah Sparrow

These sparrows really gave me a lot of trouble as I tried to identify them. I thought it might have been a Song Sparrow, but it’s pretty early in the year for them. They could be juvenile Lark Sparrows, but I wasn’t too sure about that, either. Actually the juveniles of several species that are common around here in the late summer and fall look a bit like this. But, with the help of some people that have more experience than I, we finally decided that it was a Savannah Sparrow. Fall colors are so much more subdued and the presence of juveniles makes IDing a lot of birds difficult for me.

Savannah SparrowSavannah Sparrow (1024x660) (5) Savannah Sparrow (1024x660) (7)

Grasshopper SparrowGrasshopper Sparrow (40) (1024x705)

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