A Few More Photos from Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Here’s the last of the pictures from Palo Duro Canyon.

Northern Mockingbird-a little surprised to see this one. NOMO are supposed to be year round residents according to Sibley, but I rarely see one in mid-winter.Northern Mockingbird (83) (1024x700) Northern Mockingbird (84) (1024x684)

Northern Cardinal female and what I think is a Savannah SparrowNorthern Cardinaland Savannah Sparrow (1024x684)

Cedar Waxwing.Cedar Waxwing (1) (1024x671)

Golden-fronted Woodpecker,Golden-fronted Woodpecker (33) (1024x684)Golden-fronted Woodpecker (1) (1024x684) Golden-fronted Woodpecker (26) (1024x684)

joined by a White-crowned Sparrow,Golden-fronted Woodpecker (29) (1024x684)

joined by a Pine Siskin.Golden-fronted Woodpecker (32) (1024x683)

Brown ThrasherBrown Thrasher (22) (1024x684) Brown Thrasher (23) (1024x684) Brown Thrasher (26) (1024x684) Brown Thrasher (27) (1024x683)

Fox Sparrow, a new bird for my life list. It’s not an uncommon winter resident in the panhandle, but the first time I’ve seen one..

Fox Sparrow (2) (1024x684)

with a White-crowned sparrow for scale.

Fox Sparrow (3) (1024x684)

White-crowned Sparrow JuvenileWhite-crowned Sparrow (1) (1024x684)

White-throated SparrowWhite-throated Sparrow (19) (1024x605)

Black-crested TitmouseBlack-crested Titmouse (1) (1024x696) Black-crested Titmouse (8) (1024x684) Black-crested Titmouse (9) (1024x684)

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