Palo Duro Canyon Again

Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo, is one of my favorite birding spots. I usually get down there a couple of time a month. I went again a couple of days ago with my wife and two of my daughters and we hiked and climbed a bit and took photos of each other and of the birds.  Seems that I do most of my birding alone (no one else really likes getting up that early) but when others go with me I have almost as much fun pointing out the birds to them as I do seeing them myself.

Wild Turkey portraitWild Turkey (2) (1024x683)

White-crowned Sparrow juvenileWhite-crowned Sparrow (8) (1024x684)

and an adult WCSWhite-crowned Sparrow (9) (1024x684)White-crowned Sparrow (11) (1024x684)

Brown ThrasherBrown Thrasher (1) (1024x683)Brown Thrasher (3) (1024x684)

Male and Female House FinchesHouse Finch (4) (1024x683)

Gray CatbirdGray Catbird (11) (1024x684)Gray Catbird (12) (1024x684)Gray Catbird (14) (1024x684)

and its cousin, a Northern MockingbirdGray Catbird (20) (1024x684)Northern Mockingbird

Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal (10) (1024x614)Northern Cardinal (11) (1024x611)

Bewick’s WrenBewick's Wren (3) (1024x678)Bewick's Wren (4) (1024x715)Bewick's Wren (6) (1024x639)

Golden-fronted WoodpeckerGolden-fronted Woodpecker (4) (1024x729)Golden-fronted Woodpecker (5) (1024x681)

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