Golden-crowned Sparrow

I get a daily email from eBird that lists rare sighting of birds in Texas (nerdy, I know) and over the weekend people began turning in sightings at Palo Duro Canyon of a Golden-crowned Sparrow, the first ever recorded there or in the Texas Panhandle, according to ebird. So, of course I had to go there this morning to see it for myself.

Usually, I don’t have a lot of luck finding rare birds, but today was an exception and shortly after arriving at the blind at the canyon he hopped into sight with a couple dozen White-crowned Sparrows.  Enjoy the photos.

Golden-crowned SparrowGolden-crowned Sparrow (3) (1024x684)Golden-crowned Sparrow (5) (1024x684)Golden-crowned Sparrow (8) (1024x714)Golden-crowned Sparrow (12) (1024x684)Golden-crowned Sparrow (15) (1024x684)Golden-crowned Sparrow (16) (1024x762)

White-throated SparrowWhite-throated Sparrow (6) (1024x669)White-throated Sparrow (1024x735)

White-crowned SparrowWhite-crowned Sparrow (13) (1024x683)

Canyon TowheeCanyon Towhee (4) (1024x683)Canyon Towhee (6) (1024x684)Canyon Towhee (7) (1024x684)

Gray CatbirdGray Catbird (22) (1024x684)Gray Catbird (24) (1024x684)Gray Catbird (27) (1024x684)

Golden-fronted WoodpeckerGolden-fronted Woodpecker (8) (1024x684)Golden-fronted Woodpecker (9) (1024x684)

Say’s PhoebeSay's Phoebe (1) (1024x645)

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