Roadrunners, Woodpeckers, Teals, and Gulls

Last week was really a pretty nice week for birding in the Texas Panhandle. I saw a lot of birds and roamed over a large chunk of the central Texas panhandle.  The weather was pretty nice and I had good company when I wanted it and made a few solo runs when I wanted that. Plus, I was able to get some nice photos of a lot of birds, including a  rare Golden-crowned Sparrow to add to my life list and the not so rare, but still unusual Franklin’s Gull and Long-billed Curlew.  I got in the middle of a storm of pelicans while kayaking, and was seranaded by a solo Rufous-crowned Sparrow. Not a bad life at all.

Here’s a few more photos from last week

Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted)Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) (3) (1024x702)

Northern ShovelerNorthern Shoveler (1) (1024x710)

Northern HarrierNorthern Harrier (13) (1024x700)

Cinnamon TealCinnamon Teal (9) (1024x684)

Blue-winged Teal

Blue-winged Teal (40) (1024x685)Blue-winged Teal (41) (1024x700)

Greater YellowlegsGreater Yellowlegs (26) (1024x636)

Loggerhead ShrikeLoggerhead Shrike (1024x758)

Ladder-backed WoodpeckerIMG_3296 (1024x663)

Rufous-crowned SparrowRufous-crowned Sparrow (3) (1024x657)

American AvocetAmerican Avocet (2) (1024x610)

Franklin’s GullFranklin's Gull (15) (1024x697)Franklin's Gull (16) (1024x691)Franklin's Gull (17) (1024x686)

Greater RoadrunnerGreater Roadrunner (6) (1024x656)Greater Roadrunner (10) (1024x751)Greater Roadrunner (14) (1024x707)



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