Wilson’s Snipe

There’s been a small flock of Wilson’s Snipes at Spring Canyon for the last few weeks. They’re pretty shy and I’ve not gotten any good shots of them until yesterday. This year is the first year I’ve seen them at all around here, but they aren’t considered unusual for Hutchinson Co. When ever I see something like this I go back over similar photographs I’ve taken over the years of similar birds just to make sure I didn’t mis-identify them. These birds are similar to dowitchers and I’ve seen them around before as well.

I also saw the first Western Kingbirds of the season. WEKI are the first birds I ever photographed (well, except for House Finches and House Sparrows at my bird feeders at home) so seeing them each year is a bit nostalgic for me. It also means that it won’t be much longer until the summer birds are here!

Wilson’s SnipeWilson's Snipe (19) (1024x673)Wilson's Snipe (18) (1024x673)Wilson's Snipe (15) (1024x732)

Western KingbirdWestern Kingbird (4) (1024x639)Western Kingbird (2) (1024x680)


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