Red-winged Blackbirds and Lark Sparrows

Red-winged Blackbirds are considered pests by the farmers around here, but they are strikingly beautiful birds, I think and I love the way they fill Spring Canyon with their song this time of year. The first three images are female and the last one is the male.Red-winged Blackbird (10) (1024x684)Red-winged Blackbird (13) (1024x722)Red-winged Blackbird (17) (1024x728)Red-winged Blackbird (18) (1024x684)

Lark Sparrows have arrived and can be seen hopping around in the grass, feeding everywhere you go.Lark Sparrow (2) (1024x624)Lark Sparrow (4) (1024x652)Lark Sparrow (6) (1024x655)Lark Sparrow (8) (1024x722)

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