It’s raining buckets this morning and I postponed a trip south to Buffalo Lake NWR that had been planned with my wife and one of our daughters. We’ll try again next week when I get off work. Here are a few photographs of some shorebirds I saw at Spring Canyon earlier this week.

Wilson’s SnipeWilson's Snipe (25) (1024x719)

KilldeerKilldeer (9) (1024x684)

Greater YellowlegsGreater Yellowlegs (43) (1024x725)Greater Yellowlegs (46) (1024x760)Greater Yellowlegs (47) (1024x690)

Spotted SandpiperSpotted Sandpiper (7) (1024x687)Spotted Sandpiper (11) (1024x721)

Killdeer and Wilson’s SnipeWilson's Snipe and Killdeer (1) (1024x654)

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