Clark’s Grebe

What a great day I’ve had! I got up early this morning, loaded the kayak into the truck and got onto the water by about 0700, paddled about 30 minutes and was able to get this shot of a receding storm.20160610_073251That right there (as we say in Texas) was enough to make it a pretty good day, but it got even better.  I yaked a bit further to the southwestern end of the lake and came across 20 or more American White Pelicans and nearly as many Ring-billed Gulls-not unusual birds but it is pretty late in the year to see so many. (Pics later)  I cut through some cattail beds and came across what I thought was a pair of Western Grebes and took several photos. I thought that they were Westerns because I had seen a pair a few weeks ago while kayaking about a mile from this spot. I didn’t have a camera with me then so I didn’t get any photos and to be honest with you, since Western Grebes are much more likely in the panhandle, I reported them as Westerns and didn’t think anything more about it, then, even though it is probable that it was the same pair as I saw today.

So, I got back home and started looking at the photographs and squealed like Col. Hans Landa when I saw that the grebes had chicks!  Once I got over the excitement of the chicks I noticed that they weren’t Western Grebes, but Clark’s Grebes, an even more unusual bird for the Texas Panhandle and a new bird on my lists!

I love the way the chicks ride the backs of the adults. There were 2 adults and 4 chicks, in all. Anyway, here’s the pics.Clark's Grebe (1) Clark's Grebe (2) Clark's Grebe (5) Clark's Grebe (6) Clark's Grebe (7) Clark's Grebe (8) Clark's Grebe (9) Clark's Grebe

Here’s one the chicks being adventurous.

Clark's Grebe (3)Clark's Grebe (4)


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