Hiking at Palo Duro Lake

Here’s a few birds I saw while hiking at Palo Duro Lake Last week.

Bullock’s OrioleBullock's Oriole (2) (1024x711)Bullock's Oriole (5) (1024x672)

Scissor-tailed FlycatcherScissor-tailed Flycatcher (1) (1024x621)Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (5) (1024x682)

Western KingbirdWestern Kingbird (8) (1024x754)Western Kingbird (12) (1024x770)

Western MeadowlarkWestern Meadowlark (10) (1024x700)

Mississippi KiteMississippi Kite (3) (1024x683)

American KestrelAmerican Kestrel (1024x762)

I drove north from the lake nearly to Oklahoma trying to find the nest of a pair of Bald Eagles I had seen last week when I visited the lake. I didn’t find the nest, but I did see this Bald Eagle makeing a bee line towards the lake from the north, so I think I must be in the area.Bald Eagle (32) (1024x725)

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