Belted Kingfisher

It’s been a good week for kayaking and I’m getting more and more comfortable taking my camera out with the new boat. I’ ve made about 18 miles around Lake Meredith in the last few days and have gotten some good pictures in the process, including this Belted Kingfisher.

Clark’s and Western Grebes

I went paddling again this morning on Lake Meredith.  The new kayak, a Riot Edge, isn’t as steady or roomy as the Heritage Angler I have and so I’ve been a little reluctant to take the camera out with me, but I finally built up the nerve to do it today and was happy that…

Cattle and Snowy Egrets

There’s an stampede of egrets at the south end of Lake Meredith, mostly Cattle Egrets, but there are a couple of Snowy Egrets as well. Most of them are sitting nests right now. They are in a clump of salt cedar that is only accessable by kayak or canoe and it is difficult to get an…

Early Summer Birds

Here’s a few photos from around the panhandle of Texas taken in the first few weeks of summer. Killdeer chick Painted Bunting Northern Cardinal (adult male and a juvenile) Golden-fronted Woodpecker Blue Grosbeak Greater Roadrunner Tree Swallow Ash-throated Flycatcher Western Kingbird American Avocet Mississippi Kite  

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Yellow-billed Cuckoos are close relatives of the Greater Roadrunner I posted a week or so ago. I don’t see them around nearly as much as the roadrunners, though.  This one was at Palo Duro Canyon this morning, having a drink at the bird blind.