Early Summer Birds

Here’s a few photos from around the panhandle of Texas taken in the first few weeks of summer.

Killdeer chickKilldeer (14)

Painted BuntingPainted Bunting (1024x684)

Northern Cardinal (adult male and a juvenile)Northern Cardinal (40) (1024x607) Northern Cardinal (41) (1024x684)

Golden-fronted WoodpeckerGolden-fronted Woodpecker (29) (1024x683)

Blue GrosbeakBlue Grosbeak (5)

Greater RoadrunnerGreater Roadrunner (23)

Tree SwallowTree Swallow (1) (1024x664)

Ash-throated FlycatcherAsh-throated Flycatcher (10) (1024x662)

Western KingbirdWestern Kingbird (13) (1024x684)

American AvocetAmerican Avocet (38) (1024x642)

Mississippi KiteMississippi Kite (5) (1024x678)


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