Cattle and Snowy Egrets

There’s an stampede of egrets at the south end of Lake Meredith, mostly Cattle Egrets, but there are a couple of Snowy Egrets as well. Most of them are sitting nests right now. They are in a clump of salt cedar that is only accessable by kayak or canoe and it is difficult to get an accurate count because of the denseness of the thicket, but I think that here are at least 60 egrets there.

Cattle EgretCattle Egret (22) (1024x710)Cattle Egret (24) (1024x684)Cattle Egret (25) (1024x684)Cattle Egret (36) (1024x684)

Snowy EgretSnowy Egret (28) (1024x684)Snowy Egret (30) (1024x684)

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