Belted Kingfisher

I saw this Belted Kingfisher as I paddled in Martin Canyon on the southwestern end of the lake the other morning. I got the start of its dive but couldn’t keep up with it. I missed the shot of it missing its fish.

Swainson’s Hawks

I came upon an amazing assembly of Swainson’s Hawk adults and juveniles a couple of days ago on a dirt road just north of Panhandle, Texas.  I reported a hundred. I think that there was probably more.

White-faced Ibis

These White-faced Ibis were in a playa just north of the town of Panhandle, Texas a week or so ago. They’re called White-faced because they have a white line around the eye and face (the face turns red) during breeding season. They are nearly identical looking to another type of ibis called the Glossy Ibis but…

Great Gettin’ up Morning

I got up early this morning, loaded the kayak into the back of the truck in the dark and drove out to Lake Meredith in time to watch the sunrise from the middle of the lake. I could hear a couple of hunters in the cattails at the far southwestern end of the lake and I…

Dark Days

Here’s more photographs from the last week. It’s been wonderfully rainy all week, but getting good shots of birds has been difficult. the lake is up a couple of inches, though, and that’s a nice turnaround from weeks and weeks of dropping levels. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Eastern Phoebe Spotted Sandpiper Double-crested Cormorant Blue-winged Teal Great Blue…

A Hunting Green Heron

We’ve finally gotten some much needed rain the last two weeks, but it has slowed my birding and kayaking quite a bit. Here’s a Green Heron hunting and fishing in the flooded beach at the Stilling Basin, a large pond below the dam at Lake Meredith in the Canadian River wetlands.