Great Gettin’ up Morning

I got up early this morning, loaded the kayak into the back of the truck in the dark and drove out to Lake Meredith in time to watch the sunrise from the middle of the lake. I could hear a couple of hunters in the cattails at the far southwestern end of the lake and I didn’t want to get in their way so I headed across the lake from Harbor Bay to Martin’s Canyon.

There were lots of birds out this morning and I managed to get a few good photos and I’ll post more of them over the next couple of days (gives me something to do in down time at work, what a great job!)  Here’s some American White Pelicans, some Western Grebes, and a Clark’s Grebe to get started with.

There was somewhere between 80 and 100 American White Pelicans on the lake this morning.american-white-pelican-106-1024x623 american-white-pelican-112-1024x684 american-white-pelican-113-1024x673 american-white-pelican-119-1024x665 american-white-pelican-130-1024x576 american-white-pelican-133-1024x572 american-white-pelican-134-1024x635

These are Western Grebes. They have been here most of the summer and have raised a couple of broods. We usually only see Western Grebes during migration and not this many, so this summer has been a treat. The water was getting a little rough and they wouldn’t let me get very close so the photos aren’t that great. There was 10 of them, but I couldn’t get them all on the surface and in the shot at the same time.western-grebe-119-1024x584 western-grebe-118-1024x532 western-grebe-117-1024x595 western-grebe-116-1024x647 western-grebe-115-1024x495 western-grebe-111-1024x678

This is a Clark’s Grebe. they also have been here for the summer and have also raised a couple of broods.  Clark’s are very rare for the region, and I’ve not ever heard of them nesting here. I surprised him in Martin’s Canyon and got this photo before he dived and disappeared. they can swim a very long way, very quickly underwaterclarks-grebe-114-1024x697

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