White-faced Ibis

These White-faced Ibis were in a playa just north of the town of Panhandle, Texas a week or so ago. They’re called White-faced because they have a white line around the eye and face (the face turns red) during breeding season. They are nearly identical looking to another type of ibis called the Glossy Ibis but the Glossy’s pupils are black and their face doesn’t turn red in breeding season. Glossy’s are mostly eastern US birds whereas the White-faced Ibis is a more western. White-faced Ibis migrate through the panhandle.white-faced-ibis-8-1024x684white-faced-ibis-9-1024x657white-faced-ibis-12-1024x646white-faced-ibis-14-1024x654white-faced-ibis-15-1024x684white-faced-ibis-16-1024x598

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