4 thoughts on “Swainson’s Hawks

  1. Very cool Mark!

    Great shots of a pretty unique event!

    We see a similar event take place here in our part of Central Texas but it happens in the Spring. Hundreds of Swainsons Hawks all standing at attention on the ground in the same open field each year. The really interesting part is that they are all facing the precise same direction! They look like a bunch of little Maltese Falcon statues all standing at attention. I’ve seen it happen for the last three years running and always in the same field, I actually called the local Game Warden to ask him if he had ever seen this before, he said he hadn’t but went on to say he thought they must be fall-out birds on their way north from South America during the Spring migration. I’m not sure I agree with his theory though, especially not after seeing your photo’s tonight. I tend to believe this is more likely a group behavior that is common among the Swainson Hawks during migration. If they were in fact fall-out birds this type of event wouldn’t be occurring during the Fall migration since they would be flying south and wouldn’t have been airborne for long periods of time like they would be if they had been flying northwards across the Gulf of Mexico.

    Very cool my friend, thanks for sharing such an interesting and cool event!


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