Time Flies

I just noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a month. I’m not sure why, I’ve been birding and photographing birds, and hiking and photographing birds, and kayaking and photographing birds, and sitting in the yard drinking beer and photographing birds, so I have several hundred pictures, but I only have gotten around to moving them from the camera to the computer and throwing out the junk today. Good news is that there are lots of photos to post now, so maybe it won’t be so long until the next one.

I’ve had to slow down a bit on the kayaking this month-only got out twice, mostly because of a sore elbow that kept me from paddling, but also because it has been an unusually windy fall this year. I don’t mind a little wind, the waves are kinda fun, but when it gets over 20 mph and the water is as cold as it is now, I kinda balk.

So, here’s a few photos of some American White Pelicans and a Western Grebe I saw last week when I was out in the boat.

American White Pelicanamerican-white-pelican-144-1024x684 american-white-pelican-146-1024x712 american-white-pelican-147-1024x677 american-white-pelican-149-1024x684 american-white-pelican-151-1024x523 american-white-pelican-153-1024x575 american-white-pelican-159-1024x657 american-white-pelican-165-1024x684 american-white-pelican-166-1024x653 american-white-pelican-169-1024x680 american-white-pelican-171-1024x672 american-white-pelican-173-1024x684

Western Grebewestern-grebe-122-1024x669 western-grebe-128-1024x666 western-grebe-127-1024x710 western-grebe-125-1024x682 western-grebe-124-1024x715

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