Last of Last Year’s Photos

Here’s the last of the photographs from 2016. I’m finally getting caught up a bit. All photos were taken at Lake Meredith (unless otherwise noted) in late November and December.

American Wigeon


Blue-winged Teal

blue-winged-teal-53-1024x684 blue-winged-teal-57-1024x657

Female Golden-fronted Woodpecker at Palo Duro Canyongolden-fronted-woodpecker-31-1024x684

Great Blue Herongreat-blue-heron-11-1024x653

American Cootsimg_1272-1024x537

Loggerhead Shrikeloggerhead-shrike-2-1024x742

Northern Cardinal at Palo Duro Canyonnorthern-cardinal-74-1024x683

Ospreyosprey-17-1024x629 osprey-19-1024x684

Pied-billed Grebepied-billed-grebe-15-1024x659 pied-billed-grebe-17-1024x662 pied-billed-grebe-18-1024x681

Red-tailed Hawkred-tailed-hawk-47-1024x684 red-tailed-hawk-48-1024x683

This Red-tailed hawk was near a Playa just north of the town of Panhandle, red-tailed-hawk-51-1024x684

Ring-billed Gullsring-billed-gull-6-1024x624

Scaled Quailscaled-quail-13-1024x684 scaled-quail-14-1024x684 scaled-quail-16-1024x684

Vesper Sparrowvesper-sparrow-5-1024x684 vesper-sparrow-6-1024x684

White-crowned Sparrow juvenile at Palo Duro Canyonwhite-crowned-sparrow-18-1024x683

Yellow-rumped Warbleryellow-rumped-warbler-1024x684

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