January in Palo Duro Canyon

I took a trip to Palo Duro Canyon last week (first of many this year, I hope) and spent an hour or so at the bird blind and then hiked several miles. Here’s a few photos of the trip.

Spotted Towheespotted-towhee-4-1024x666spotted-towhee-8-1024x684

Fox Sparrowfox-sparrow-2fox-sparrow-8-1024x726

Northern Cardinalnorthern-cardinal-77-1024x684northern-cardinal-82-1024x684northern-cardinal-85-1024x789

Dark-eyed Juncodark-eyed-junco-1-1024x684dark-eyed-junco-3-1024x684

Black-crested Titmouseblack-crested-titmouse-15-1024x684

Northern Mockingbirdnorthern-mockingbird-27-1024x684

Golden-fronted Woodpeckergolden-fronted-woodpecker-33-1024x811golden-fronted-woodpecker-34-1024x766golden-fronted-woodpecker-36-1024x684

White-winged Dovewhite-winged-dove-1-1024x684

American Goldfinchamerican-goldfinch-7-1024x670

Hike along the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River15940532_1763683770625731_1832952400047650313_n

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