Watering Hole

A few more pictures from Palo Duro Canyon in Randall County, Texas. I spend a lot of time here hiking and photographing birds. The park rangers at PDC have set up a blind and feeder station in the canyon and it has a water feature that the birds love.

Brown Thrasherbrown-thrasher-29-1024x684 brown-thrasher-30-1024x684 brown-thrasher-32-1024x683 brown-thrasher-33-1024x684 brown-thrasher-34-1024x684 brown-thrasher-36-1024x684

House Finchhouse-finch-13-1024x684

Pine Siskinpine-siskin-6-1024x648

Golden-fronted Woodpeckergolden-fronted-woodpecker-39-1024x740 golden-fronted-woodpecker-40-1024x710 golden-fronted-woodpecker-41-1024x684

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