Birding from a Kayak

I didn’t let winter stop me from kayaking this year-I bought some cold water gear and have been getting out pretty regularly. It helps that it has been a pretty mild winter. Here’s a few pictures from a paddle last week.

Green-winged Tealgreen-winged-teal-2-1024x681 green-winged-teal-5-1024x684 green-winged-teal-7-1024x684

Great Blue Herongreat-blue-heron-22-1024x669 great-blue-heron-25-1024x650

American Cootamerican-coot-29-1024x683

Northern Pintailnorthern-pintail-2-1024x651 northern-pintail-6-1024x694 northern-pintail-7-1024x684 northern-pintail-8-1024x690 northern-pintail-9-1024x697 northern-pintail-10-1024x684 northern-pintail-11-1024x725 northern-pintail-12-1024x694 northern-pintail-13-1024x745 northern-pintail-14-1024x616

Me in my cold water gear


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