More Palo Duro Canyon Birds

Here’s a few more photos from last week’s Palo Duro Canyon trip. Nothing unusual, but I even get excited seeing the regulars.

White-crowned Sparrowchipping-sparrow-2 chipping-sparrow-3

Golden Fronted Woodpeckergolden-fronted-woodpecker-42-1024x683 golden-fronted-woodpecker-43-1024x667

Black-crested Titmouseblack-crested-titmouse-16-1024x682 black-crested-titmouse-19-1024x684

Fox Sparrowfox-sparrow-13-1024x684 fox-sparrow-1024x684

American Goldfinchamerican-goldfinch-10-1024x684

Spotted Towheespotted-towhee-5-1024x684

This House Finch has a more orangish hue than red, not sure why this color variation occurs. This is the first one I’e

Northern Cardinalnorthern-cardinal-90-1024x683 northern-cardinal-91-1024x684 northern-cardinal-92-1024x683 northern-cardinal-94-1024x684 northern-cardinal-95-1024x683 northern-cardinal-97-1024x684

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