Early Morning Walk at Spring Canyon

I got up early the other morning and drove out to Spring Canyon at Lake Meredith and walked around the several ponds there. It was a beautiful morning, especially for the last week of winter and I was lucky enough to get several nice photos. Enjoy. Cinnamon Teal and Blue-winged Teal Ruddy Duck female Belted…


We have two species of Thrashers that are pretty common here in the northern panhandle, the Brown Thrasher and the Curve-billed Thrasher. Thrashers are in the same family, Mimids, as Northern Mockingbirds and Gray Catbirds and like mockingbirds have a loud varied call and are great copiers of other bird’s songs. I’ve been fortunate enough…

Hermit Thrush

I was able to get some nice pictures of a Hermit Thrush earlier this week at Palo Duro Canyon. He was in the underbrush near the blind and the lighting was kinda dramatic in the first one- a bit Fred McMurry/Barbara Stanwick film noirish.

Hansford County

I took a drive north of my house last week and ended up at Palo Duro Reservoir in Hansford County. Heres a few of the birds I saw on the trip. Ring-necked Pheasant Loggerhead Shrike Eastern Bluebird. There was several Easterns and Mountain Bluebirds there and this one kinda of confused me, it’s so drab.…

Townsend’s Solitaire

I went birding in Hansford County in the northern Texas Panhandle last week and came across this Townsend’s Solitaire eating berries in the park below the Palo Duro Reservoir dam.