Hansford County

I took a drive north of my house last week and ended up at Palo Duro Reservoir in Hansford County. Heres a few of the birds I saw on the trip.

Ring-necked Pheasantring-necked-pheasant-7-1024x662

Loggerhead Shrikeloggerhead-shrike-5-1024x721

Eastern Bluebird. There was several Easterns and Mountain Bluebirds there and this one kinda of confused me, it’s so drab. It’s possible that it might be a rufous variant of the Mountain Bluebird.. It seemed very interested in a small bit of fluff floating by.eastern-bluebird-5-1024x689 eastern-bluebird-6-1024x679 eastern-bluebird-7-1024x682 eastern-bluebird-8-1024x710 eastern-bluebird-9-1024x585 eastern-bluebird-12-1024x667

American Goldfinchdowny-woodpecker-17-1024x686

Northern Cardinalimg_2890-1024x684

Canada Geesecanada-goose-1024x683

Northern Flicker female, couldn’t really tel if it was a red- or yellow-shaftednorthern-flicker-10-1024x684

Downy Woodpecker pairdowny-woodpecker-3-1024x681 downy-woodpecker-4-1024x761 downy-woodpecker-10-1024x684 downy-woodpecker-11-1024x662 downy-woodpecker-12-1024x693 downy-woodpecker-14-1024x672

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