Catching Up

I should be ashamed, I’ve neglected this blog the last couple of weeks and I’ve no real excuse-I’ve been birding, I’ve been taking pictures, and even processing them. I’ve got them ready to post, I just haven’t done it. there’s been a couple of birthdays, my own was one, I turned 62 this year and my wife’s was the other. There have been some nice days and I’ve been taking the kayak out some. I haven’t made any beer in a while but I hope to remedy that this week with an English Pale Ale. I have tapped into the doppelbock made last December and it was worth the wait. But mainly, I’ve been involved with a new hobby and it has taken up quite a bit of my time for the last month. You can see what I’ve been up to at Palo Duro Whips. Oh, and that pesky work business. I’ve cut back my schedule to only 36 hours a week at work and I get that done in 2 days each weekend.

Anyway, Here’s some photos from March that I haven’t gotten around to posting. some are from Palo Duro Canyon and others from Meredith. Enjoy.

Black-crested Titmouse

Blue-winged Teal



Blue-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal

Eared Grebe

Fox Sparrow

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Greater Yellowlegs

House Sparrow

House Finch

American Goldfinch

American Coot

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Northern Cardinal

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Shoveler

White-crowned Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

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