Western Grebes

I finally was able to get the kayak out yesterday-April had been a terrible month for yakking, the worst of the year so far. Between cold, rain, snow, wind and work I hadn’t been able to get the boat out in over 3 weeks, so yesterday I did and it was a beautiful afternoon for paddling. I saw lots of birds on the lake, including first of the season Great and Snowy Egrets and some winter hanger’s-on like Common Mergansers and Redheads, but the highlight of the afternoon (besides being on a boat on the lake on a gorgeous day) was the Western and Clark’s Grebes.

Last year we had nesting pairs of both birds at Meredith or the first time ever (that I’ve been able to find,) so I’m hoping for a repeat this year. There were 3 pairs of Western Grebes, but I only saw a single Clark’s while I was on the water. I’ll post the photos of the Clark’s later but here’s one of the pairs of the Western Grebes.

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