Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroats are summer residents at Lake Meredith. They arrive in late April and early May and set up shop in the cattails at Spring Canyon and on the southwestern end of the lake. You can hear them singing throughout the last half of spring and most of the summer, but I rarely get a good (or even poor) photo of them. They are pretty small and very suspicious birds and, to be honest, I’m not all that crazy about stomping around in the swamps.  There is one place at Spring Canyon with a trail between two of the ponds that stays pretty dry and, at least in the spring is not too overgrown and I can see the ground well enough to avoid any snakes. I’ve seen hog wallows down this trail, but have yet to see any feral pigs. So, anyway, last Friday I cautiously hiked this area and was rewarded with some fairly decent photos of a Common Yellowthroat. The wind was pretty gusty that morning and I was standing in pretty tall vegetation and it was hard to time the snaps with the cattails and salt cedars waving around me and the bird so there are some blurry objects in the photos that I couldn’t really crop out, but that’s life.

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