Here’s yet another post to try to catch up a little. I go  birding almost daily, missing 2 or 3 days a week because of work and I usually take pictures. I’m not a very good photographer and rely mostly on luck and take hundreds of pictures each day, hoping that there will be a few usable ones. So, I have to go through piles of photos and crop and adjust and delete, which I really don’t like doing much and will put off for the tiniest of excuses. The result is a score or so of photographs that are not too terrible and here there are.

Here’s more photos of the Western Grebes that I’ve been seeing at Lake Meredith over last 2 weeks.Western Grebe (297) (1024x661)Western Grebe (299) (1024x652)Western Grebe (302) (1024x627)Western Grebe (303) (1024x684)Western Grebe (305) (1024x684)

This beautiful Eared Grebe was also at Meredith.Eared Grebe (54) (1024x642)

A juvenile Orchard Oriole has been singing at Spring Canyon.Orchard Oriole Juvenile (24) (1024x713)Orchard Oriole Juvenile (25) (1024x684)

This is a Western Wood-Pewee at Palo Duro Canyon.Western Wood-Peewee (3) (1024x683)

American Avocets at Lake MeredithAmerican Avocet (77) (1024x658)

Spotted SandpiperSpotted Sandpiper (35) (1024x683)

Ash-throated FlycatcherAsh-throated Flycatcher (16) (1024x766)

Lark SparrowLark Sparrow (23) (1024x678)

Juvenile Yellow-headed BlackbirdYellow-headed Blackbird (16) (1024x683)

Female Blue-winged TealBlue-winged Teal female (1024x684)

Red-headed Woodpecker on a very overcast morningRed-headed Woodpecker (8) (1024x718)

American CootAmerican Coot (30) (1024x684)

Cattle Egret on the road to McBride CanyonCattle Egret (41) (1024x684)

Western MeadowlarkWestern Meadowlark (12) (1024x707)

Bonus: Muskrats at Spring CanyonIMG_4478 (1024x684)IMG_6837 (1024x684)IMG_6486 (1024x684)IMG_6859 (1024x684)


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