Red-headed Woodpecker

I came across some Red-headed Woodpeckers at Cedar Canyon the other day. There was at least 3 and perhaps as many as 5, it was hard to tell as they were flitting around a lot and I was unable to ever see them all at once. This one was kind enough to stop and pose for me.

In other news; my computer died and I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, the photo editor I was using was not available for Windows 10 so I had to learn to use a new one. I don’t do a lot of post processing and so don’t need to spend the money or the time on the learning curve for the full-blown Photoshop. I did find a very simple version of the program in the Windows store that was free and am trying it out. Seems to be working out for me pretty well, so far. The only thing it doesn’t do that I need it to do is resize the photos so that they don’t burn up my Word Press storage too quickly, and I found another app that does that pretty well.

And now, back to the pictures.Red-headed Wodpecker (14)Red-headed Wodpecker (15)Red-headed Wodpecker (16)Red-headed Wodpecker (17)

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