Greater Roadrunner and a Horned Lizard

Once again I have neglected this blog for way too long, and as usual I have no real excuse. I have been doing a lot of birding this summer, nearly daily in fact, with time off on the weekends to go to work. I just haven’t taken a lot of photos. All of what I’m seeing around here are birds that I have dozens, if not hundreds, of photos of and unless I see some unusual behavior, or get a chance to get a shot of a bird in great light or unusual back ground, I don’t even get the camera out of the bag.

So I was at Palo Duro Canyon yesterday morning and after checking out the blind for a while I decided to take a hike back down towards the creek behind the blind and I came across this Greater Roadrunner. I don’t know what had happened just before I came around the bend in the trail, but the Horned Lizard was already puffed up and the road runner was weaving back and forth across the trail and seemed pretty excited. I don’t know if I disturbed him on his kill or if the lizard suddenly swelling up put him off, but he never did attack the `horny toad,’ and eventually headed off up the trail.

Here’s the Horned Lizard all puffed up.

Here’s the lizard after the roadrunner left. I;m not sure what that is on the side of his head. I wondered if it was an injury from the roadrunner.

Here’s a slideshow of all the pictures I took of the event.

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