Misty Morning on the Lake

I took the kayak out onto Meredith yesterday morning and paddled around for a couple of hours. It was cool and there was a little fog and no wind. Here’s a few photos from the lake.foggy morning

The little Clark’s Grebes chicks are nearly grown. I took these photos before the fog had lifted near Martin CanyonIMG_22IMG_24IMG_25IMG_26IMG_27IMG_28IMG_29

Juvenile Black-crowned Night-HeronIMG_08.jpg

Blue GrosbeakIMG_09

A few of the dozens of Great Blue Herons on the southwester end of the lake. I counted 71 but could have missed some as they were in and out of the cattails. Ring-billed Gulls in the background.IMG_30IMG_31IMG_32IMG_33IMG_34IMG_35IMG_36

There were also American Avocets.IMG_03

Spotted SandpiperIMG_45

Juvenile Red-headed WoodpeckerIMG_40IMG_43


Wood DuckIMG_49

These Baird’s Sandpipers were at Lake Palo Duro last weekIMG_04IMG_05

Also at LPD were a few Stilt Sandpipers,IMG_46IMG_47IMG_48

and a Ring-billed GullIMG_44

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