Well, it’s a few days past the mid-point of summer and birding has been a bit slow around here. There are still lots of birds around, but it is either too early or too late for migration so I haven’t seen anything different for several weeks. Also, mating season is winding down, so the males aren’t singing and displaying so much.

August has been a welcome relief from the heat and drought of June and July. Temps have been in the eighties for much of the last two weeks and we’ve had some pretty decent rains.

There was also a couple of nice surprises today as I was birding, I saw a juvenile Green Heron at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon and a Bald Eagle at Palo Duro Reservoir up north of Spearman. The Green Heron is the first I’ve seen since spring. The eagle was the biggest treat, though. I’ve seen a nesting pair at the reservoir in summer several times over the last couple of years, but this is the first time I’ve seen them this summer. There weren’t many eagles around this part of the country at all last winter. I only saw one all winter at Meredith, so this was a thrill.

IMG_09 (2)IMG_12IMG_13IMG_01

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