Birding and Kayaking

Birding has been pretty slow around here for the last month. Well, not exactly slow-there are lots of birds around, it’s just that they are the same birds I’ve photographed and posted dozens times this summer, so I’ve not really been motivated to take a lot of photos. The good news is that the lake is up to a bit over 68 feet this morning, a gain of over 4 feet in the last 6 months and a full 40 feet from this time 3 years ago. I’ve taken advantage of the rise and expansion of surface area to explore areas of the lake in the kayak that I’ve not been able to access before.

Here’s the birds. The Upland sandpiper is a new one for the a new for the year.

The Clark’s Grebe chicks were no where to be seen last week but the two adults were fishing just east of Martin Canyon. The water was a little rough that morning so the photos were difficult to get focused.  I hadn’t seen any of them in a month so I was glad to run across them.

This Black-necked Stilt was at Spring Canyon.

I went for a drive out on County Road 16 in Gray County last week and saw an Eastern Kingbird

and an Upland Sandpiper.

Best of all was a Green Heron that I saw in Martin Canyon while kayaking.

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