A Few Birds From Last week

I’m starting to see a few birds migrating through, now. Not a lot, but a few. The trade-off is that a lot of the summer birds have already left and I miss them. I haven’t seen any kites for a week or more, same with the buntings and grosbeaks. Time marches relentlessly onward.

I went down to  Palo Duro Canyon, hoping to see more warblers, but had no luck. I did get a few photos of a Black-crested Titmouse

and a Greater Roadrunner.

Also took a few photos of the canyon itself from the rim The famous Lighthouse hoodoo

and a few more as I hiked a couple of miles along the Givens, Spicer, Lowry Trail

While I was waiting for my relief to show this morning so I could go home I took this picture of the receding storm from the station about 30 minutes before sunrise.

This photo was taken this morning just after sunrise. I actually got off work on time this morning and headed straight out to Spring Canyon.

An Osprey at Spring Canyon early this morning.

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