Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I was able to get a few nice photographs of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet a couple of days ago at Palo Duro Canyon.Ruby-crowned Kinglet (3)1024x690] 04Ruby-crowned Kinglet (4)1024x671] 05

There was a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) there, as well

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)1024x665] 12

And an Orange-crowned WarblerRuby-crowned Kinglet (1)1024x687] 02

and a White-crowned Sparrow (actually several, but I only took one photo)White-crowned Sparrow1024x619] 06

There was a few White-throated Sparrows as well, including this juvenile

White-Throated Sparrow (4)1024x653] 07White-Throated Sparrow (6)1024x690] 09


6 thoughts on “Ruby-crowned Kinglet

      • This was my first year birding and I have to admit that I came to it a little late in the season here in Canada. We have had our first snowfall. There are some ducks and geese still lingering. I am all ready looking forward to spring.


      • I would imagine that you wouldn’t have very many birds overwinter that far north. That’s too bad. Your summer birds are my winter birds here in the Texas panhandle, or at least they pass through during migration. That would be tough. Birds are one of the things that get me through the winter. No birds, short days, lots of snow and cold for a long time. You Canadians must be tough 🙂

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