Last Week at Palo Duro Canyon

I took a trip down to PDC last week and did a little hiking and birding. I didn’t see anything unusual but even so, a morning birding is still a fine morning.

Black-crested TitmouseBlack-crested Titmouse1280x908] 01

Fox SparrowFox Sparrow (2)1280x913] 03Fox Sparrow (3)1280x777] 04

Hermit Thrush and a White-crowned SparrowHermit Thrush1280x804] 05

Northern Cardinal femaleNorthern Cardinal (2)1280x836] 06Northern Cardinal (3)1280x863] 07

Northern Cardinal maleNorthern Cardinal (5)1280x665] 09Northern Cardinal (7)1280x853] 11

Northern MockingbirdNorthern Mockingbird1280x872] 12

Spotted TowheeSpotted Towhee (2)1280x839] 13

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