Bewick’s Wren

OK, so same story, I have been birding a lot since my last post, but I’ve been able to talk myself out of going through the photos and weeding out the crap quite successfully. I finally got it done today and will start posting them as I can.

This is a Bewick’s Wren I saw at Palo Duro Canyon on a trip there on January 9th. There ween’t a lot of birds there that trip, but I did get a few good photos.  Wrens are some of my favorite birds- they always seem so cheerful and that cheerfulness rubs off on me as I watch them.Bewick's Wren (2)1014x1024] 02Bewick's Wren (3)1280x928] 03Bewick's Wren (5)1280x834] 05Bewick's Wren (6)1280x918] 06Bewick's Wren (7)1280x870] 07Bewick's Wren (8)1280x988] 08Bewick's Wren (11)1280x853] 11Bewick's Wren (13)1280x853] 13Bewick's Wren (14)1280x853] 14

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