Palo Duro Canyon, Late Spring

I made another excursion to Palo Duro Canyon on Saturday morning and while I didn’t see anything unusual, it was a beautiful morning to be out hiking around. Here’s a few of the photos I took.

Black-crested TitmouseBlack-crested Titmouse (9)1280x853] 01

Rufous-crowned SparrowRufous-crowned Sparrow (2)1280x890] 11

House FinchHouse Finch (21)1280x853] 09

White-winged DoveWhite-winged Dove1280x853] 12

Northern Cardinal male and female


Lark SparrowLark Sparrow1280x853] 03

Cliff Swallow at Lake Meredith earlier in the weekCliff Swallows (1)1280x803] 02


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