Fall in the Panhandle

Well, once again I’ve managed to not post anything for several months.  My only excuse it laziness-I go birding nearly every morning that I’m not working, but processing photos is really a pain in the ass and so I let it build up until it is really daunting.

It has really not been all that great a year for birds around here, either, I’ve really not seen much that is unusual and I’ve posted so many photos of the same old birds that I just can’t seem to get too excited about posting even more pictures of them.

Anyway, here’s a few photos from the last 3 months of the same old birds.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise near Pantex.Sandhill Crane (9)Sandhill Crane (10)Sandhill Crane (11)

A Belted Kingfisher at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon.Belted Kingfisher (4)

I photographed this Osprey the right after the Kingfisher about 50 meters further out on the Stillin’ Basin pond.Osprey

This is a Vesper Sparrow in a field just north of Panhandle, Texas.Vesper Sparrow

Just down the fence row was a Chipping Sparrow.Chipping Sparrow (2)

Just across the road, I saw a Horned Lark.Horned Lark

This Northern Cardinal female was at the blind at  Palo Duro Canyon.Northern Cardinal

A White-crowned Sparrow at the blind at Palo Duro Canyon.White-Crowned Sparrow

This is a Black-crested Titmouse that was also at the blind.Black-crested Titmouse (17)

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