Tundra Swan

Lovely, intelligent daughter: “Is that a swan?”

Dunderhead dad: “Nah, I’ve never seen swans around here.  Look at the Yellow-headed Blackbird.”

Lovely, intelligent daughter: “Are you sure that’s not a swan?”

Dunderhead dad: “Probably just a Snow Goose or Great Egret.”

Lovely, intelligent daughter: “I think that’s a swan.”

Dunderhead dad finally quits looking at the Yellow-headed Blackbird and trains his binoculars where Lovely, intelligent daughter is looking: “Oh crap! That’s a swan!”

Lovely, intelligent, sweet daughter says nothing.

And sure enough, it was a Tundra Swan. There have been Tundra Swans reported at Meredith before, but the last one was in 2006 and this was my first ever sighting, and hers as well.

A great morning spent with my lovely, intelligent, sweet daughter and a lifer to boot. What a great life..

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