Winter catch-up

Here are some photos that I never got around to posting from the last few months. Most were taken at Palo Duro Canyon.

Roufous-crowned SparrowIMG_21011024x693] 01

Northern MockingbirdIMG_22441024x682] 02

Hermit ThrushIMG_22471024x666] 03

IMG_25321024x640] 09IMG_25451024x650] 10

Golden-fronted WoodpeckerIMG_22501024x649] 04

IMG_28001024x740] 04IMG_28021024x707] 06

Ladder-backed Woodpecker female at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon.IMG_22901024x651] 05

American Goldfinch at my feedersIMG_23361024x720] 06

Dark-eyed Junco at my feeders.IMG_23371024x592] 07

Northern CardinalIMG_24831024x683] 08

Black-crested TitmouseIMG_26381024x671] 11IMG_26601024x683] 12

Fox SparrowIMG_26781024x720] 13

IMG_28111024x645] 08IMG_28211024x695] 10

Pied-billed Grebe at Spring Canyon.IMG_27311024x721] 14

Cackling Goose at Spring Canyon.

IMG_27691024x683] 01

Northern Pintail at Spring Canyon.IMG_27881024x610] 03

Northern Cardinal femaleIMG_28101024x623] 07

Wild TurkeyIMG_28251024x683] 12

Canvasback at Spring Canyon.IMG_28301024x598] 14

Redheads and a Lesser Scaup at Spring Canyon.IMG_28351024x637] 15


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