April at Lake Meredith

Here are a few photos from this morning at Lake Meredith. The weather initially was clear and calm, but it got cloudier as the morning passed and the photos of the gnatcatcher are a little flat because of the low light. I always feel very lucky to get photographs of these twitchy little guys.

A Lesser Yellowlegs a migrant passing through on its way to Canada from the Gulf coast. this was taken at Spring Canyon.Lesser Yellowlegs1024x683] 09


A Spotted Sandpiper passing through on its way north also. I saw this one at Bugbee Canyon.Spotted Sandpiper (1)1024x636] 12Spotted Sandpiper (2)1024x711] 13Spotted Sandpiper (3)1024x663] 14Spotted Sandpiper (4)1024x635] 15


Two Ring-billed Gulls at Bugbee-only a few of these guys left here, most have headed north already after wintering here.Ring-billed Gull (15)1024x704] 10Ring-billed Gull (16)1024x672] 11


A Lark Sparrow, one of our summer residents. This is the first one I’ve seen this year. This was on Cas Johnson Road on the way to McBride Canyon.Lark Sparrow (9)1024x674] 08


A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, another summer resident. There were four of these, at least, they move around so much and are so fast it is difficult to count them. This one was at McBride Canyon.Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (1)1024x623] 01Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (2)1024x759] 02Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (3)1024x617] 03Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (4)1024x691] 04Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (5)1024x683] 05Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (6)1024x699] 06


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