Lucky Shots

Last week was a pretty good one for getting photos of birds that I usually don’t even see, much less get photos of them.

First was this Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Spring Canyon. My daughter and I heard him cuckooing and then he just flew into a nearby tree and I was able to get a couple of shots before he took off.Yellow-billed Cuckoo (2)1024x728] 02


I see Burrowing Owls fairly often in the summer- pretty much all you have to do is find a prairie dog town and look for them. The trouble is that the towns are usually on private property and not that close to the road. I found these on Highway 2385 in Carson County. There were 8 owls in the colony.

Burrowing Owl (9)1024x620] 04Burrowing Owl (7)1024x755] 03Burrowing Owl (5)1024x654] 02Burrowing Owl (4)1024x645] 01

Finally, driving home this morning from Skellytown I took a detour onto Highway 1059 and came across 3 Common Nighthawks sitting in the road. Again, I see and hear them throughout the summer but they are so stinking fast that I can rarely get a picture of one. This one let me get quite close before he decided his camouflage wasn’t working and took off.

Common Nighthawk (15)1024x683] 05

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