Fall Warblers

Well, t seems that although I’ve been going birding at every opportunity, I have not been posting anything at all. Once again, my only excuse is laziness. I finally downloaded the photos I’ve taken since the last time I posted and have been trying to sort through a couple of thousand shots for the few that are useable and have enough for a short post.

Here’s a couple of warblers I saw in late September and early October at Palo Duro Canyon.

This is a first-winter female Orange-crowned Warbler (taiga).  She was very active that morning hunting bugs for breakfast.

Orange-crowned Warbler (1)1024x636] 05Orange-crowned Warbler (4)1024x675] 06Orange-crowned Warbler (6)1024x661] 07Orange-crowned Warbler (8)1024x630] 08Orange-crowned Warbler (9)1024x714] 09Orange-crowned Warbler (10)1024x665] 10Orange-crowned Warbler (11)1024x687] 11Orange-crowned Warbler (12)1024x697] 12

This one is a Nashville Warbler. The first one I’ve ever seen. They aren’t especially uncommon in fall in the canyon, but I had never run across one. this one is a young female, I think.

Nashville Warbler (1)1024x677] 01Nashville Warbler (2)1024x723] 02Nashville Warbler (3)1024x665] 03Nashville Warbler (4)1024x679] 04

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