A Few Unusual Birds

Migration is in full swing. Here are a few birds that I see every year, but they are still a bit unusual.

Marbled Godwit

IMG_72491200x800] 22IMG_72351200x774] 21IMG_72321200x774] 20IMG_72121200x672] 19



IMG_70491200x684] 04IMG_70531200x676] 05IMG_70661200x753] 06


American Pipits

IMG_72691200x734] 24IMG_72711200x735] 25IMG_72921200x757] 26


Common Loon. Sorry, the photos aren’t that great, it was really overcast and they were a long way off.IMG_70331200x719] 01IMG_70411200x737] 02IMG_70421200x713] 03


These are summer residents

Western GrebeIMG_70951200x795] 09


with a Lesser Scaup (the scaup is a winter bird that hasn’t headed north yet)IMG_71011200x719] 10IMG_71021200x830] 11IMG_71031200x678] 12IMG_71041200x705] 13IMG_71051200x797] 14IMG_71111200x693] 15IMG_71251200x757] 16IMG_71891200x734] 17IMG_71951200x817] 18


These are year-round residents

Red-winged BlackbirdIMG_72571200x758] 23

Canada Geese with goslings

IMG_70871200x634] 08IMG_70851200x800] 07

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