Kayaking and Birding

I went kayaking this morning with a couple of young men that are kind enough to let me hang out with them. While they weren’t really all that interested in the birds they were quite tolerant and waited patiently and quietly while I took photos.

I really enjoy taking photos of birds from a kayak. Pictures taken from there seem more intimate than photos taken from shore of birds on the water or photos taken from the ground of birds in a tree.

Here are the photos.

Clark’s Grebe. Lake Meredith is about the only place I’ve heard of that have nesting Clark’s Grebes. I’ve been photographing them here for the last 4 or 5 years. This was a lone bird today, though.

There was a nice sized flock of American Pelicans there as well. The protuberance on the top of their bills is on both sexes and goes away after breeding season.

American Avocet

Ruddy Duck. This one seems to be too young to take on full breeding colors yet although his bill has a decidedly blue tint to it.. Maybe next year.

Franklin’s Gull

Northern Shoveler

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