Mark Elliott
Texas Panhandle

Bio: Paramedic, husband and father, whipmaker, skeptic, perpetual student, bird photographer. Pretty good medic and wipmaker, skeptical to the point of cynicism, hit and miss on the others. Lived in the Texas Panhandle since a was a kid, a stranger in a strange land.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mark,
    We met at the PDC bird blind recently and you gave me your card. I just went through most of your site and I am very impressed. I am sharing it with a bunch of other friends to follow also. I went yaking from Harbor Bay this last Friday evening and got as far as #17 before having to turn around. Was I going the right direction to find the rookery? I did get a decent shot of a Painted Bunting at the lakes edge. I really like the variety of birds you find at Spring Canyon! I hope we can shoot / kayak together sometime?


    • Hi Marc, glad you liked the blog. Sorry I missed you at the lake, we went out on Thursday afternoon. I don’t remember exactly where the 17 marker is, but if you didn’t go past the sand dunes, you weren’t there yet. Love to go kayaking with you. I work weekends but am usually available during the week.


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