Northern Goshawk

The very first thing I saw at the bird blind at Palo Duro Canyon this morning was a flurry of wings as the beautiful juvenile Northern Goshawk launched itself from the water feature to a tree branch about 10 meters from the blind.  He sat there for several minutes before flying off to the south.…

Fall in the Panhandle

Well, once again I’ve managed to not post anything for several months.  My only excuse it laziness-I go birding nearly every morning that I’m not working, but processing photos is really a pain in the ass and so I let it build up until it is really daunting. It has really not been all that…

Green Heron

I saw this Green Heron at Spring Canyon a few days ago. They are migrants through here each fall and spring. They aren’t very big, only about a foot and a half tall with their neck stretched out and they weigh about half a pound. This one was preening, although he did make a grab…

Late Summer Birding

Barn Swallow at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon. Black-crested Titmouse at Palo Duro Canyon. Black-crowned Night Heron at Lake Meredith. Brown-headed Cowbird at Palo Duro Canyon. Burrowing Owl in Carson County. Canyon Towhee at Palo Duro Canyon. Great Blue Heron at Spring Canyon. Lark Sparrow at Palo Duro Canyon. Loggerhead Shrike in Carson County. Northern Cardinal…

Cattle Egret

This lone Cattle Egret was hunting at Bugbee earlier this month. In the past there have been pretty large rookeries of these birds around the lake,but I’ve not run across any this year. They like to follow cattle around and eat the bugs that the cows stir up while grazing.

First Days of Summer

I drove up to Palo Duro Lake yesterday, a small lake about an hour’s drive north of my house. The lake itself is nearly dried up, but it is still a pretty good place to bird. Eastern Kingbird Mississippi Kite. I saw this Green Heron this morning at Lake Meredith’s Bugbee Canyon.  

Palo Duro Canyon, Late Spring

I made another excursion to Palo Duro Canyon on Saturday morning and while I didn’t see anything unusual, it was a beautiful morning to be out hiking around. Here’s a few of the photos I took. Black-crested Titmouse Rufous-crowned Sparrow House Finch White-winged Dove Northern Cardinal male and female   Lark Sparrow Cliff Swallow at…

Two Posts in One Day

I’ve already posted once today, so I thought I’d throw everyone off balance by posting again. These were taken today at Lake Meredith. Nothing unusual, but some nice photos, especially of the RHWO. Cattle Egret Northern Cardinal Red-headed Woodpecker

This Month’s Offering

Here’s some photographs I took in May. All of them are from Lake Meredith unless otherwise noted. Black-Necked Stilts Red-headed Woodpecker Greater Roadrunner Canyon Towhee – Palo Duro Canyon Gambel’s Quail- Palo Duro Canyon Eared Grebe